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Como nos puedes apoyar

How you can support us


Proactive ways you can join us:

Our work could not be accomplished without our supporters, sponsors, and allies. Whether you volunteer at our offices or events, make a donation, or share our work with others, it’s easy to make a meaningful impact.

  • Hire a worker from our workers' center!  Our member community's living-wage hiring hall!

  • ​Get the word out! Share our work, programs, and events on social media!

  • Donate!

  • Volunteer! We accept volunteers for all levels of support and with flexible hours. 


Contact us at or 312-491-9044 if you are interested in volunteering, donating, or supporting Latino Union in any capacity.

Additional ways of taking action to support our work and our community:

Take the Fair Care Pledge! Is your home someone’s workplace? Take the pledge and let your community know your home is a workplace to be proud of. 


Join the Sanctuary Homes Campaign! Sign the #SanctuaryHomes commitment and Hand in Hand will help you take action in the place where you are uniquely able to make an impact to visibly support living in a sanctuary city as an individual citizen.


Keep up with OCAD (Organized Communities Against Deportations)! Help Chicago become a safe and welcoming city for all.

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