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Healing Practices

Healing can take many forms, and there are many different kinds of steps you can take, or practices you can engage in, alone or with others. They range from individual counseling, story-telling, spiritual and physical practices that involve body and mind, creating pieces of art, to engaging in theatrical performances.


In this section we refer you to community groups or organizations that practice one or the other modality. Many of the resources listed in this website offer a variety of individual or collective healing practices, as well as related workshops or trainings. We hope this section gives you an idea about the variety of healing modes survivors can engage in, and where you can learn more about them.

Individual, Family, Group Counseling

There are many agencies, groups, organizations that provide counseling. We suggest you contact one listed in the section Direct Help that fits best your interest or location, and that offers individual, family or group counseling as one of its services. They may refer you to a counselor the organization knows as well as trusts.

Support Groups
A number of the organizations listed in the section Direct Help invite survivors to come to support groups. They always provide a safe and confidential space for participants to share personal stories, and to gain a sense of personal and collective strength and resistance. We suggest you contact the organization that best fits your interest, and that lists support groups as one of the services offered.
Mind-Body Care

Body, mind, and soul are deeply involved in the healing process. In this section you will find different practices that work with this integral connection.


Acupuncture. Acupuncture comes from ancient Chines medicine and is the word for inserting small needles in specific areas of the body. This removes blockages in the body’s energy flow. Needles are sterile and used only once. Acupuncture not only balances our energy but our entire body system, including digestion, hormones, cardiovascular process, urine, muscles, and bones. It lowers inflammation and pain.

Chicago Women’s Health Center ofrece tratamiento de acupunctura, con $20 el más bajo precio de una escala móvil. Necesita cita. La acupunturista habla español. Llame a 773.935.6126 Direccion: 1025 W. Sunnyside, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60640

The Chicago Women’s Health Center offers acupuncture treatment on a sliding scale, with $20 the lowest. By appointment only. Call 773 935 6126 for an appointment. Direction: 1025 W Sunnyside, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60640

The Community Acupuncture Clinic of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine offers acupuncture for $10, Wednesdays from 5 – 7:30 pm. It is a walk-in clinic on the 17th floor of at 65 East Wacker Place, Chicago, IL 60601. Seated treatments in a group setting advance the clinic’s social justice objectives. First-come, first-served. All are welcome.


Bluebird Wellness practitioners offer acupuncture, bodywork, herbal therapy, nutritional counseling, qi gong and tai chi classes. They provide private and community (small group) acupuncture in English and Spanish. They also have sliding scale for their services in order to make the treatments affordable and accessible. Most of the services are by appointment only. Call (773)234-3742 to set up an appointment. Bluebird is located at 3817 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago. English and Spanish.


The Chicago Women’s Health Center offers bodywork and massage therapy appointments with licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers on a sliding scale (the lowest is $35). Call 773-935-6126 to schedule. Appointment days and times vary.

Project Vida provides acupuncture and massage, and a food pantry. Its focus is on immigrant HIV positive and queer folks. For more information click on


Free Guided Meditation, links to audio/video from YouTube (in English)

  • Guided meditation for relaxation with popular British audio (about 18 minutes)

  • How to meditate: A Black woman’s guide to reduce stress (15 minutes)

  • Guided audio for relaxation and stress relief

  • You can use your local public library for downloading guided meditations.

    • If you have a cellular telephone with Internet access, you can download the applications Hoopla and Overdrive. Register for an account with the library and then you can download free audiobooks and meditations. There are no overdue fees with this system – after three weeks, the electronic book file simply expires. Within the app, you can search for “stress” and “relaxation” and “meditation” to find many different resources. At the physical library, you can also take out CDs, DVDs, and sometimes even backpacks with toys for kids that you can use for one to three weeks (these physical items do carry a fine if kept out past the due date).

Healing Through Art and Performance

Resilience (formerly RVA, Rape Victims Advocates) regularly offers “Art Therapy Groups for Adult Survivors of Sexual Violence.” No artistic experience or expertise is required, just a desire to connect with other survivors and explore what your vision of healing from trauma looks like. All art supplies will be provided by Resilience. Contact Resilience if want to find out about time and lace of these art therapy groups. (312) 443-9603 

YWCA offers 8-week groups for adult survivors of sexual assault/abuse who are interested in exploring themes of power and control through art making and skill building. These groups emphasize how finding your own power contributes to healing. For finding out when and where such a group is being offered, just click on support-services/groups-client-workshops/

The Chicago Workers Collaborative engages in a Workers Resistance Theater that facilitates understanding of the root causes of workplace injustices, racial inequality, and gender violence. Participating in such collaborative efforts may not only contribute to understanding of root causes but also to your own healing. To find out how you could participate, call (312) 877-5185.

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